fitdankbaby® for Mums with Babies from 3 months old

Each class consists of a warm-up, strengthening exercises targeting the stomach, legs, bum, back and pelvic floor, activities for the baby, cool-down, stretches and relaxation. The baby is integrated in each class and the baby's weight intensifies the exercises for her mum. And even better: the training weight increases throughout the course! 



Fun for Mum AND Baby

The babies enjoy being part of the exercises close to their mum's body. Additionally they are actively involved through games appropriate for their age and developmental stage. During the stretching part we use relaxation techniques, babymassage, gentle swinging and rocking as well as games. Mums are able to meet other mums and do something good for their body and the development of their baby. Thanks to a small class size, we can concentrate on your needs. 

Benefits for YOU

  • great fun and quality time with your baby
  • stronger muscles (particularly core, legs, buttocks and back)
  • improved posture and mobility
  • improved fitness and coordination
  • supports the body's regeneration after childbirth (pelvic floor)
  • see and understand more about your baby's development
  • ideas for games and songs for and with your baby
  • meet other mums