fitdankbaby®-MAXI for mums and babies from about 8 months

The fitdankbaby® MAXI course is for all mums who want to be fit and active with their baby. The babies are about 8 months and older and will enjoy activities for their age group. The course is for mums who are new to fitdankbaby® or have participated in a fitdankbaby® MINI course. 


New exercises for mums with more mobile babies

New exercises for the mums and unique activities for older and more active babies. All exercises are adapted to the now heavier weight of your baby, its growing mobility and developmental stage. We will make sure that you get an optimal workout based on your level of fitness and your body's regeneration after birth. 

The specifically developed  fitdankbaby®- belt is being used in many new and different ways to help you with your training. The babies have more time to play and explore in a safe and friendly environment. 

Target group: Mums with babies from about 8 months.
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Advantages for you

  • Quality time and fun with your baby
  • Strengthening of all important areas (legs, bums, tums and back)
  • Further support of the body's regeneration (pelvic floor)
  • Improvement of mobility, coordination and posture
  • Cardio workout in each lesson
  • See and understand more about your baby's development
  • Ideas for games and songs with your baby
  • Time to chat to other mums