fitdankbaby®-KIDS for mums and toddlers NEW IN 2018!

When babies become toddlers, mums often ask the question:
How can we be active together? Here comes our answer:
With fitdankbaby®-KIDS you can look forward to a challenging functional training for you and exciting exercises and games for your kid.

FUN for you and your toddler

A challenging workout for mums combined with appealing activities for their toddlers. The development of a new range of movements as well as the discovery of different playing materials are the focus of fitdankbaby® KIDS. Enjoy thrilling classes! 

Jumping, climbing, dancing - in this course variety of exercises is very important. 

Functional exercises with your own body weight strengthen strength and endurance and make you fit for everyday life with your toddler. The specially developed training equipment - the fitdankbaby® belt and the new fitdankbaby®-eight - are used in a variety of ways in the KIDS courses.

Target group: Mums with babies from about 15 months.
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Attention: The course is NOT suitable for you if you are pregnant again or if your last pregnancy was less than 15 months ago.