A versatile training tool

Our belt is NOT a baby carrier. It is a unique training tool specifically designed and manufactured for our courses and offers various exercising options. The fitdankbaby® instructor will regularly check the correct usage during each class. External companies or end users can't buy the belt to avoid misuse. 

This offers clear advantages over a normal baby carrier due to its easy fastening and various training options. The instructor will provide a belt for each participant for the duration of your course.  

During the warm-up the baby spends 15-20 minutes in the belt which relieves strain on the mum's wrists and arms. The baby's weight intensifies the warm-up and strengthening exercises for the mums. The belt supports the baby's back and cushions each shock and vibration during movement. 

Additionally the belt can be used as a thigh or leg belt during strengthening exercises and offers options for rocking the baby, improving posture, as a back support and many more.   


The fitdankbaby® belt

The fitdankbaby®-belt was specifically designed in Germany to ensure the safe and stable position of the baby close to her mum's body. So even an inexperienced mum can concentrate on the correct and healthy execution of each exercise while the baby is safely held and involved in her mum's movement. Due to its strong material and medium elasticity it will adjust to the individual body form of each participant, but won’t lose its form even after long-term usage. It easily fastens using velcro. The belt is of very high quality, manufactured to meet all needs as a training tool during a fitdankbaby® class.