No competition thanks to territorial protection

A word from our side: we are not a licensing concept wanting to gain numerous providers in a very short amount of time. We are looking at growing the fitdankbaby® family by working together, offering the highest quality for mums and babies and giving you all the support we can to make it a successful journey for all of us. 


Territorial Protection - YOUR advantage

Thanks to our territorial protection, you can offer ongoing fitdanbaby® courses without competition. We guarantee to never appoint another instructor in your exclusive licensing area. Tell us the postcodes where you would like to operate and we will protect that area exclusively for you. As long as it is still available!


Territorial Protection - OUR advantage

Our territorial protection determines how our licencees communicate and work together. How they create and execute marketing campaigns together for a bigger region, that would not be possible if they were direct competitors. This offers the base for qualified exchange amongst instructors, an ongoing development and the long-term success of the concept. 

Our mums and babies benefit greatly from this strong personal network!