About us

fitdankbaby® was originally developed by Rebecca Koehler, a mum of two, in Augsburg in the South of Germany in 2007. Fitness instructors, midwives, physio therapists and mums worked together to make fitdankbaby® a safe and enjoyable activity for mums and their babies. Since 2010 trainers can become licensed fitdanbaby® instructors. The concept grew quickly and is running successfully in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and since 2014 in the UK. 


Great for mum AND baby

fitdankbaby® involves the baby in each class! The exercises for the mum will strengthen and tone her whole body and alternate with appropriate activities for the baby. This offers the mum a much higher chance to train effectively and promotes the relationship between mother and child.  This will benefit their health.

For babies from 3 months old

mums with babies from 3 months old

mums with babies from 7 months old

The fitdankbaby®-belt

The unique fitdankbaby®-belt helps the mum to hold her baby in a safe way close to her body during exercises and functions as a versatile training tool throughout the course. More information about the belt