fitdankbaby® is a unique fitness concept for mums and their babies. In our classes mums can work on their overall fitness and their babies' development. We will strengthen your body and improve your posture. And all this with your baby!  fitdankbaby® is a carefully designed concept that offers an effective, safe and exciting class for mum and baby. 

Course Locations

fitdankbaby® in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 
Overview of all current course locations. 

Happy Training for Mum & Baby I think the course is great, because Sam can join in and is happier during the times I do my exercises. Therefore I can concentrate better and train more effectively. The exercises are good for both of us. Cool idea, great concept!
Emily with Sam
No need to get a babysitter - concept works for Mum & Baby A great idea! I can work on my fitness without having to organise a babysitter for Olivia. Thank you for an opportunity to do sport with my baby.
Sarah with Olivia
Really well designed and perfect to start again after birth I was really concerned that I had to "hop around" for 75 minutes, but the combination of exerxises, games for my baby, relaxation and the chance to chat to other mums is just perfect! I always leave the class feeling great! Thank you.
Martina with Will