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An instructor seminar runs for four days and includes a theoretical and practical test. Our tutors will make sure that you have all information you will need to pass. We also provide an extensive manual. 

We have a limited amount of numbers left in our launch team. The launch team receives various price reductions and other benefits. Please get in contact to request an individual offer and more information. 



Our Seminar Schedule:

25.01.2018 - fitdankbaby® Instructor training in Scone*

25th - 28th of January
Places available.Information / Booking

28.01.2018 - fitdankbaby® Marketing in Scone*

Places available.Information / Booking

*The final seminar location may be located in a radius of up to 50 km around the specified city. In case of not reaching the minimumof 8 participents, we reserve the right to cancel the instructor training up to 14 days before seminar start.